Let’s Make the Events More Productive

The events are the best place for networking. Eventually, the main reason behind conducting Intellectual event is to give the participants a chance for networking. We have millions of events globally in the form of Seminar / Conferences/ Faculty Development Programme/Management Development Programme and others. All these events consume a lot of resources in the form of precious time and money.

Based on the nature of the event, there are people with different skills sets and knowledge base. Unfortunately, most of them even do not know each other. Alternatively, it could help each of them to interact and know their capabilities and to take professional advantage of knowledge.

We @MENTit have evolved the unique way of helping them keep connected for long. Even, there is enough scope to connect professionally as a Mentor / Mentee.

We have kept the process very simple -

Get your upcoming event registered on the portal within a few minutes, absolutely free.

Share the details of the event with the prospective participants - both, the Resource persons and the attendees.

The users could get themselves registered online, with or without registration fee, depending upon the guidelines.

During and post-event all the registered users would be able to access the profile of their peers.

The users can connect with the people to whom they feel worth connecting as Mentor / Mentee.

All the literature and material could be submitted online and also can be published online.

The organizers have an opportunity to earn through getting the subscription of the published literature.

The publishing of Proceeding would be easy and cost effective. Further, it would be accessible virtually from anywhere in the world.

A well designed feedback system shall help all to make improvement in future activities.

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