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India - West Bengal

Kolkata - 700019

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Both (Virtual and In-person)

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UTC+04:00 - Asia/Dubai

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A Change catalyst who has been inspiring people and transforming their lives for more than a decade now. Free yourself of all limits, fears, phobias and conditioning and insecurities. Expand your thinking capacity. Explore your Creativity. Turn your Dreams into Reality. Build yourself. Design your Success Story. Create your Legacy. All this and more..Let me take you on a journey to explore the strength that is within you. I am Naheed Khan, a Mindset Coach and I believe that "If we change the way we think, we can change the way we feel and that will change all that we can achieve"... Career, Business, Relationships, Health and Wellness, Skills Development, Leadership, Achievements...Explore the magic that Mindset can make in your life. Contact me to discover the power that is within you. I am an NLP Practitioner and a Design Thinking Expert. I specialise in using the tools and techniques of NeuroLingsitic programming to facilitate the transformation that one desires. My purpose is to make you connect with your limitless Potential, break the myths of expectations and achieve all that you have desired for. I carry an experience of more than 15 years wherein I had also served as a Consultant for Capacity Building for the Government of India. From Bureaucrats to students, I have brought a difference in the thought process and achievements of many. My learnings from my experiences as an L&D professional, as a Behavioural Consultant and as a Mindset Coach and as a speaker reflects in my thoughts and her approach when dealing with Individuals who get broken down by failures and rejections.



I have a experience of more than 15 years in the field of Learning and Development, of which 8 years was in the corporate sector. I have worked with the biggest names in both the Private and the Public sector in India. My last assignment was with the MICT,Government of India as a Consultant for Capacity Building under Change Management, wherein I was responsible for making the Capacity Building Roadmap for the State of Assam. I had conducted TNA and designed programs for various departments of the Assam Government. My biggest achievement being starting a "Training Centre" in the Assam Secretariat. In the last 7 years as a Coach, I have worked with people from all walks of life from the age of 13 to 60 and it has been so rewarding seeing them achieve their desired outcome and benefit from Personal Development. I am also a Facilitator for Design Thinking, working with students from across UAE. Coaching for Professionals include- 1. Discover their Purpose and their Potential. 2. Identify Skills and Competencies that will make them highly effective and successful in their Career. 3. Develop their Communication skills. 4. Get over their Fears and Phobias. 5. Career Growth and Development. 6. Leadership. I have also worked with Middle aged men and women suffering from Personal issues related to fears, phobias and insecurities. My coachees have been able to get over anxiety, stress and negative mindset in as few as 3 sessions.

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-Career Coaching for students. -Mindset Coaching -Performance Coaching -Success Coaching -Executive Coaching -Leadership Coaching -Getting over Fears and Phobias -Getting over Anxiety - Building Self Confidence -Effective Communication Skills - Behavioural Consultancy -Identifying our Zone of Genius - Changing Mindset - Changing paradigm to welcome Change. -Develop a Positive Mindset -Make Career shift Decisions for Professionals - Improve Job Performance -Relationship Coaching. -NLP techniques to boost Personal Development -Self Transformation as desired for self growth and success. - Strategies for success in Personal and Professional Life - Stress Management I have worked with more than 200 people from different professions and businesses. I have been invited as speaker in schools and colleges. I have conducted workshops for more than 2000 students on "Discover your Zone of Genius". A signature program to make them break their limiting beliefs and design a future which is based on their aspirations and dreams. I am also a Design Thinking Expert, applying the concept to bring self transformation and business turnaround.

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