As a mentor, there is no registration fee in our platform to showcase your profile and to avail some of our services. Once you are confident to provide your services to the Mentees, there is a nominal fee to upgrade your profile to start the mentoring. Free upgrade is there if and till you provide free initial hour mentoring to mentees.
Once a mentor accepts your mentoring request, you need to confirm it from your dashboard. You have to first make milestones with specific objectives in consultation with the mentor which need to be approved by the mentor.
MENTit is a space that lets you share your experience and expertise in a specific area. No formal qualification or training is required to get registered as Mentor. However, we recommend mentors to enhance their skills of mentoring. Mentors can develop their mentoring skills further by enrolling in our mentorship courses that will soon be launched.
Yes, you can also find a mentor in the same city as yours. At MENTit we work in a virtual as well as in-person mentoring environment. In case you are looking for a Mentor with whom you want to discuss a problem in-person during a personal meeting, select only in-person mentors in Find a Mentor/Book an Appointment page.
Some mentors provide free mentoring and some mentors provide free initial hour mentoring. You do not need to pay to avail their services. In case of a mentor charging a mentoring fee, you need to pay the first-hour fee mentioned in the mentor's profile. After that, depending on your agreement with the Mentor, you can make milestones in our system and mention fees for each milestone as per your decision with the mentor. For the Mentee, we have a complete payment protection system.
We have a procedure where once the Mentorship is over, the Mentee can provide a review and rating to the Mentor. These reviews shall affect the choice of the future Mentees. Very soon, we are coming up with a loyalty program where you can refer the Mentor to your friends and earn great loyalty rewards with us.
We strongly recommend both Mentor and Mentee to stick to their commitments. However, under some unforeseen circumstances, mentors can reschedule the mentoring session. If the Mentee wants to reschedule but the Mentor does not want a re-schedule then payment will be released to the Mentor, and the Mentee will get no chance to rate/review the Mentors. Therefore, we encourage Mentees to try and stick to the schedule for their own convenience. Please note that Mentors have multiple responsibilities, therefore we need to accommodate them accordingly.
If you're unable to find a suitable Mentor, you may contact us specifying your requirements. You will be assisted as soon as possible.
If you could not find a suitable mentor, our team shall be happy to assist you in finding a suitable mentor. You just need to CONTACT US specifying your problem.
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