Our partners are leaders, change-makers, and networkers. Their passion and commitment lead the growth of each mentoring area. Partners not only invite and recruit mentors but also keep them engaged by maintaining a relationship with them and in process enjoy recognition and expanded network along with other benefits.

MENTit organizes online and offline workshops, conferences and events and partners are the prominent leader in these activities. In addition, partners are resource persons who enhance the information on our micro-sites resulting into high traffic in the sites. All earnings from the activities, registrations and traffic are shared with the partners.

As partners are not exclusive for any area, it means there will be multiple partners in each mentoring area, we have a system to capture the contribution of each partner for tracking the incentives. Therefore, partners work while enjoying the flexibility based on their interest and available time. Activities are done using a simple dashboard and there is no need of any technical knowledge. What we need is just the passion and commitment. We are expanding possibilities with MENTit.

If you are passionate and want tobe a partner with MENTit, send a message to Or fill the form below:

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