Hatching Ideas

Idea : Sports centres

A startup idea which can reduce social media addiction, bring harmony and improve mental health!! One of the major reasons for social media addiction is the unavailability of indoor games opportunities for the youth. Either the students or others almost everyone wants to make the games part of their life. Social harmony is decreasing due to the excessive use of social media by the people. One of the biggest reasons is the lack of sports facilities nearby. There is a need to establish a good number of sports centers (at least for Indoor Games) in semi- urban, urban and metro cities. Startups can explore this opportunity. These centers can help in bringing peace and harmony in the society. We at HATCHit have developed a model for the same. Let's work together to convert this idea into a successful business model. https://www.mentit.org/hatchit

Idea : Medical Diagnostics

Bringing Diagnostic laboratories to the doorstep and empowering patients to get diagnostic services easily with an app can help people to start treatment before the disease become fatal! It will be a WIN-WIN situation for all stakeholders – Startups, Clients, Laboratories and of course for the Economy as a whole. Further, majority of the doctors referred their patients to a specific laboratory only, and that’s why patients have no choice about it and it is difficult for them to visit each laboratory and find out their prices. There are many other reasons to start it at the local level. Contact HATCHit to make it happen: https://www.mentit.org/hatchit


Creating employment opportunities by unemployable! One of the big reasons for the slowdown of any economy is the failure of its education system. Employability of the professionally qualified youth is a great concern all over the world. Unemployability does not mean inability! The students who are not a good fit to work as an employee can be encouraged to become an employer. We need to create an environment where the students have a chance to share and explore their innovative ideas. Globally, the governments are encouraging first generation entrepreneurs to create innovative solutions for the critical social and economic issues. India is one of the best examples, where startup culture is evolving very fast. HATCHit is the innovative step in this direction. HATCHit works closely with the people who are ambitious to start their own ventures right from the stage of ideation. A panel of Elite Mentors with diverse background helps budding entrepreneurs to think critically on the critical issues which need innovative solutions. A day-long workshop with simulation exercises has also been devised to create some innovative and energetic startups on the spot. Institutions can request for conducting such workshops. Please visit https://www.mentit.org/hatchit

Start Small to create a BIG impact with HATCHit

Our personal success has no meaning for others until it has some positive impact on their lives. The difference between the Traditional Businesses and Startups lies here. Startups deal with some critical issues to fix or to develop something disruptive. Startups funded by Venture Capitalists are exploring the opportunities by reaching the masses which could have been otherwise explored by local “tiny” Startups. Majority of the people start thinking big whenever any good business idea strikes their mind. They never try to bootstrap and gradually scale up. This is the sorry state of ambitious and enthusiastic Human Minds. In the present time, when the technology has made it possible to reach to the masses at the click of the mouse without moving out physically, obviously we should think Big, but need to Start Small which will help to scale fast! Explore: https://www.mentit.org/hatchit

Start Small and SCALE UP fast with HATCHit

If a startup is pretty sure about its business idea, why it does not bootstrap before going to VC’s for scale up? Is it possible that other people will fund your startup without you dare to put your own money first? This is the sad story of Startups ecosystem. People start thinking about other people money before putting their own funds on fire. India has a great potential for “tiny” startups who could deal with the critical issues at the local level before taking it to the masses. It seems startups lack PASSION. Every second person has a brilliant idea, but conversion needs a lot of passion and sacrifice. Think Big, Start Small, scale fast! Let’s interact: https://www.mentit.org/hatchit

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