HATCHit with us ! Not just incubate


HATCHit is determined to provide a turnkey solution for the entrepreneurs. We offer comprehensive services starting form Ideation to the eventual success of the startup. In addition, a MENTit mentor will always be available.


This service is for you if you are an existing or a potential startup founder/co-founder, or if you want to start a business.


  • Obtain Turnkey solutions: Start, progress and move towards success with MENTit. Comprehensive solution from ideation to launch and growth.
  • OR

  • Select one, multiple or all modules based on your need along with the services of an optional MENTOR throughout the project.


HATCHit Modules (Select one, multiple or all)

A. Ideation

Deliverable : HACTHit will propose a new idea, or/and help to develop an existing idea further.

We work with a technology-based idea that delivers product or services online or using mobile apps. Users may have a unique business idea. Ideas should address some pain points of the customers and/or bring some positive but disruptive change in the lives of customers. HATCHit is also having some ideas which can be shared with the interested users.

B. Evaluating the viability

Deliverable : Market Research, reviewing competition, and conducting surveys to get insights.

Most of the time ideas are good but may not be commercially viable. The startups need to conduct a comprehensive research before starting the work on the ideas. HACTHit helps conducting a thorough research, be it primary or secondary to validate the viability and scalability of ideas.

C. Analysis

Deliverable : Brainstorming and documenting revenue model and a business model, use of tools likes value proposition canvas & business model canvas which are demanded by the investors.


You can select one of the modules mention on the page by checking small boxes.


Idea needs to be analyzed from the resource consumption point of view. A detailed analysis of the resources required, including funds, is must. A good team with balanced IT and Non-IT skills is an essential resource. Particularly, in an IT-Based startup, one of the co-founders should have IT background. This helps in raising the funds from angel investors and VCs in the future. HATCHit has pool of experts who can analyse the ideas and produce the required documents for budgeting and planning, and to pitch the ideas for generating funds.

D. Strategizing

Deliverable : Developing a strategy with plans to execute them along with standard operating procedures.

Idea needs to be analyzed from the resource We need to develop the strategy to take the project forward. It includes all the functions of the business-Marketing, Operations, Finance, and others. Acquiring and maintaining the customers is the key to success. The product and process should have the flexibility to accept the changes as per the changing and dynamic customers need and demand. HACTHit experts will help in developing creative strategies to ensure the success, and further offers help in executing these strategies.

E. Product and System Development

Deliverable : Portal/App with active domain and server, terms & conditions, privacy policy, payment gateway and other required tools.

It includes various activities. Developing web platform, and/or mobile application development, design and development of the portal, obtaining server and domain services, payment gateway, and writing terms & conditions & privacy policies for the users. HATCHit provides a comprehensive solution for all these activities.

F. Pilot Testing

Deliverable : Conducting the pilot testing and improved product and process based on the feedback.

Idea needs to be analyzed from the resource Pilot testing the product helps to understand the technical as well as non-technical issues in the product and in the business processes. It also helps in gathering a feedback and preferences of the market. The feedback helps to improve the products, processes and services. HATCHit offers support in pilot testing to ensure timely, efficient and effective collection of feedback.

G. Launch

Deliverable : Setting up the entity,dedicated employees, customer service and technical support.

A new business/startup needs to launch products in a phase wise approach. There is a need to register the company/entity legally with fulfilment of all the necessary requirements. Involving lawyer and chartered accountant is must. The importance of handling customer’s queries, managing the suppliers and effective marketing, public relations and promotion cannot be understated. At this stage, a good team is must that can handle prospects, customers and stakeholders. HACTHit offers a comprehensive support in not only establishing a business entity, but also in a successful launch.

H. Execution & Maintenance

Deliverable : Dedicated employees, customer service and technical support.

Once the project is launched, it is important to carry out all the functions in a cost-effective manner. It includes maintenance of the web/app, contacting customers and other stakeholders, fulfilling orders, receiving the feedback etc. It may be required to have full-time or part-time employees or multiple active partners. HATCHit provides outsourced employees who can work exclusive for our client.

I. Marketing & Promotion

Deliverable : Comprehensive Marketing plan and full support in execution

A mindless and unplanned use of social media and suboptimal use of Digital Marketing may be dangerous for a new business. A sound social media policy and effective digital marketing strategy and operations are must. In addition, traditional marketing, promotions and PR activities cannot be neglected completely. HATCHit mentors who are experts in these activities will help in making it successful.

J. Recognitions

Deliverable : Applying for startup recognition by the government of India and support in finding supporting organizations and pitch preparations

There are various government and private organizations, both at National and International level, which support startups. These organizations help startups from the beginning -Ideation to the scaling up stages. Various startups events are organized where cofounders get a platform and resources to promote the startup. HATCHit offers exploring such opportunities so that co-founders can participate and pitch their ideas.

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