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Jamaica - Kingston

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Having worked, lived and traveled across 19 countries and 43 islands, International Project Delivery Consultant with a proven track record of merit, contributing to Project Management Consulting and mission-critical ICT/ Telecom technology evolution, network resilience and performance improvement for top ("Best in Class") infrastructure vendors, service providers and enterprises: Awarded Certificate of Excellence for volunteer contributions to Project Management Institute (PMI) and the Project Management Profession (PMP®). Awarded Professional Engineer.



My view is that a blend of Project Management, Technology and Engineering can be fun, therefore, customer delivery and satisfaction should be rewarding. My passion is to enjoy a life in making organizations better, whether in the public, private or third sectors (Non Profit etc.,). To secure service delivery values through operative and open-minded practice of "Total Quality Management" in industry, voluntary/ Non Profit domains, and helping teams and businesses to achieve efficiency and maturity.

Mentoring Experience


Successfully contributed to mission-critical contracts that have established over 12 developments across the Americas. Versatile "Delivery Professional", who diligently embraces a proven track record of merit: championing over 4,500,000 end-users across the Americas. Certificate of Excellence for volunteer contributions to Project Management Institute and the Project Management Profession in 2016. PMO Global Alliance, Assessment Tester, Project Management Institute; Fellow, Society of Professional Engineers; Mentor, Big Brothers Big Sisters; Liaison Officer, Football Union. Led over 250 diverse resources and service provider teams. Embrace leadership track record, sound judgement, troubleshooting expertise enabling operational policies and high levels of persistence that have produced customer service excellence. Executed the technology evolution, network resilience and performance improvement, together with commercial, central and local teams. Certified Project Management Professional and Awarded Professional Engineer.

Areas of Expertise

  1. Project Management
  2. Peer Mentoring
  3. ICT-Telecoms
  4. Wireless Communications
  7. Entering new markets
  8. Other business functions

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