Discovering Me

By Author: Mrs. Neena Raj (MENTit Leader)

Hey!! my smart phone knows me tells me - buy this perfume, you searched for this last week......this shade of dress would look nice on you, this restaurant is giving you a discount so got eat today.....n the most scariest part is my smart phone giving me a grim look @ the end of the day "hey you have not moved out of your seat n you have not lost any calories today" 

Should i be worried or concerned frankly speaking i need to check my smart phone to even know that ?? cos i dont know who I am ???

Yes gadgets are important in our lives, they play a large part today, our lives revolve around it, so where do we stand?? 

This is the world today. We hardly know what we want or need. Do we take the time off @ the end of the day to reflect to see where we stand to recollect our thoughts nope we dont have time for that. 

Remember we are not Robots we are humans with emotions living our lives in this fast paced tech world. So is knowing ourselves important?

Yes thats the no 1 priority, we need to understand us first in order to understand others. If we dont know what we need how can we get or achieve it?

Knowing thyself is a journey which delves deeper within us, discovering the real us, our dreams, our aspirations our uniqueness which leads to our happiness.

Self discovery leads to self development which in turn leads to empowering Self. The relationship what you have with yourself is the most important relationships in life.

Mentit will hand hold you in this journey of discovering yourself, will empower you for the future. Lets walk this path together.



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