1. MENTit has launched Mentor registrations

MENTit, a startup and pioneer in enabling and facilitating virtual and in-person mentoring, consulting, and advising services is inviting persons who want to support others as mentors. The aim is to create a large and global pool of experts and committed professionals in any personal and professional area.

The registration process is a simple, online, and one-step easy process. MENTit approves the registrations which reflect commitment and passion. Approved registrations need to pay a nominal one-time fee to cover the administrative expenses.

Within some months, mentee registrations will also start and all the features of MENTit to enable a reliable and scientific online mentoring will be possible in the platform.


2. MENTit received the startup recognition

MENTit has received a coveted and important recognition from the government of India. The recognition has enabled MENTit to join the group of initiatives which are officially registered with the government as a startup. This opens multiple opportunities for MENTit, starting from possibility of investments, tax exemptions and other benefits from incubation centres across India.

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