4 Ways Find a Mentor

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In MENTit, you can easily post your mentoring requirements or an area where you would like to be mentored to find a mentor. Through this platform, you can reach out to one of the many mentors with the required expertise and skill set. MENTit facilitates connecting with mentors in India and abroad. The best part about MENTit is that, the mentors are ever ready to help you and guide you. Unlike other conventional methods, you don’t have to sit around and wait. You can take an action and get your need fulfilled, right when you need it. 

Be it career counselling, personal development, start-up consultancy, MENTit offers comprehensive solutions through the personalised attention and advices of the mentors.

Ask for mentorship

One of the common methods to find a mentor is through professional networking. This can be done through networking events, professional networks like LinkedIn. Finding and keeping a mentor is an art. Mentoring is an ongoing process. Right from finding a person you want to be like, to studying them, asking them to mentor you, following up and asking for feedback, it entails a series of carefully structuring interpersonal relationships. It is harder to navigate however, because you can never really predict how vested your mentor is going to be.  The mentor may even find him/herself in a position where they can’t say no to you out of courtesy, leaving both the parties in a fix. However, some of the best mentor-mentee relationships originate this way and it is certainly worth the shot.

However, if you think you don’t have that amount of time and is looking for quick and sustainable solutions, please go through FIND A MENTOR.

Give more than you take

It is one thing to find a person you want to be like and out rightly asking him/her to mentor you and another thing to observe, help and learn through the process. Interpersonal relationships at its very core function on a give and take basis. Often times the mentees are more concerned about their own development and growth, that they are least concerned about the mentor. Thus in spite of finding the person, they fail to find a mentor in that person. However for the mentor to stay motivated, and invested in the growth of the mentee, one must ensure that these are correlated. The mentor must gain as much as the mentee.


Internships are fundamentally different from mentorship in that, mentoring is an ongoing process where as internships could have starting and termination points. However, internships of the right kind can foster relationship to cherish for life. You stand a chance of finding a mentor in the person you are working for.  In fact the new rule doctrine in internships suggests that, students should intern not for organisations, but for people they admire. This can be done by identifying an area where you know you can be helpful to your mentor, given your skillset, and offering to help.

The only thing standing between what you are and what you want to be is you. So go ahead and take that plunge. Finding the right mentor could be just a step away. For further info visit MENTit



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