An accountable education system

By Author: Miss. Tulip Dutta (MENTit Mentor)

Our education system is very rigid and not at all flexible. Horse trades, substandard education, corruption and poor quality of teaching are some of the problems that our education system lacks. Another major problem is the lack of accountability. By accountability we mean that the education system that comprises of the schools, colleges and universities should submit yearly reports on the progress made by the students. The educational institutions should collect and tabularise data on individual students and note their performances in class. This is very important and essential to improve the education system. This is so because if the education system is more accountable, we can get an idea about the quality of the teachers and also about how the students are performing. This will wipe out the loopholes and help us to provide more attention on those students failing to meet the standard progress level. If our education system is accountable, parents and also the government can get adequate knowledge about the students of the country and the quality of education that is being provided. A country develops and flourishes only if good quality and high standard education is provided to the people. If the institutions are accountable, they will have to submit correct data about the accomplishment of the students. This will ensure that the teachers and the faculty are working hard to train the students to make them capable and worthy and productive professionally on the long run. Also we can have knowledge on which of the students are bright and who all are weak, and efforts can be put on those under-performing students so that they can improve and be at par with the others. This is why we need a more accountable education system.


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