Application based question paper.

By Author: Miss. Tulip Dutta (MENTit Mentor)

Question papers especially those in higher education test bookish knowledge and the memory power of the students. They are designed and set in such a manner that they are only confined to what the student has learnt from textbooks or inside the classroom. These papers do not test or explore the practical use of the knowledge gained or how it can be applied later on. Theoretical knowledge is not everything especially in today’s era.  We need knowledge and skills that can be put into use to gain some viable output and generate revenue. Application of our skills is very important but sadly our education system has no provision for this. We are embraced in a system where mugging up is given more importance than real life implementation. What we fail to understand that application based question papers is the need of the day. This is because not only do they help the students to hone their skills but also give them an opportunity to grasp the entire concept well and understand it thoroughly. In school, we are given a basic understanding of all the subjects and what they are about. But higher education is way different from this. Higher education is based on specialisation in a particular field and a thorough knowledge and understanding of that subject which can be used later in life for job purpose or some research purpose. Thus, as a result what we need is question papers that will test the application skills of the students and not just what they have learnt. We need something to examine how skilful and productive a person is as just merely testing his knowledge will not shed any light on his talents. Therefore the application based question papers is the call of the hour.


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