CAT and Research Skills Question Paper

By Author: Miss. Tulip Dutta (MENTit Mentor)

Critical Analytical Thinking (CAT) and Research Skills are very important requisites in today’s world. CAT is essential because it teaches us to analyse, thoroughly explore and check the various examples, arguments, opinions and logical reasoning that support a particular claim. CAT encourages us to do an in depth study into any concept before believing it to be a hundred percent genuine statement. Research skills on the other hand give us an insight onto how to go about some topic in a critically plausible and in a systematic way. Research skills teach us to collect data, review and find evidence in support of any declaration. CAT and Research Skills are vital to us because they give us a much organised perspective and a positive outlook. Instead of blindly following something it is always important to weigh the truth of the fact. However with the present education system and its design we seldom explore these areas. We blindly study and mug up the lessons and blurt it out in the exams. Also, the question papers are designed in such a manner that they test only our memory power and skills, but not CAT or Research skills. Thus question papers need to be set with a focus to test the students’ CAT and Research Skills in the respective fields  so that not only will they gain a critical and analytical outlook but also will gather a total and clear understanding about the topic which will be beneficial to them later for job or higher studies and research.


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