By Author: Miss. Namrata Sawal (MENTit Mentee)


An Internship enables you to prove yourself in the terms of knowledge you have, skills you possess and the practice you need for working  in the real world.  One of the major impacts of internship is that people who complete their education in the terms  of graduation, post graduation, MBA etc and who already have some work experience in the terms of internships stand out to be the most powerful, potential, knowledgeable and skilled employees/employers.

Internship have more and more advantage for a fresher student to turn out into an experienced student internship provides students a number of perks: 

The first and foremost key point is to develop skills and start making connections and learn about how the actual job or a particular business works. One can assess their interest and abilities and learn to handle rejection, responsibility, manage time etc. 

Although Appraisal system in an internship helps a lot to a particular candidate to keep themselves motivated and focused about work. Sometimes offering a good internships is very much beneficial because it enables even a demotivated or least interested youth to participate. Thus, Internship Supervision and Appraisal System (INSAAS) helps a youth to overcome all the difficulties and enables the development of new skills, practice and hand over experience very simple just by sitting at home using your laptop and mobile.

From starting of the project till the end all students, faculty including head of the institution will be connected with each other to monitor your  work and solve your doubts and problems. So the main aim of Internship Supervision and Appraisal System is to provide quality of internships and improvements in students employabiliy skills. 

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