Is mentorship important?

By Author: Miss. Tulip Dutta (MENTit Mentor)

Mentoring is a process of training or guidance of a novice by someone who has experience or expertise in that field or job. The mentorship process is indeed vital for the curious minds. Often we see that sometimes people with no former experience are not confident enough to do some work. And in the case of students, situations are seen where a student has a lot of enquiries and doubts growing in his anxious mind. In that nascent stage if his questions are not answered then he will develop a very negative attitude towards the future and have a dissatisfied approach to his work and further higher studies.

Mentorship is required in these cases. Mentorship answers all the curiosity and is quite instrumental to shape a better and positive outlook. Mentorship is a growing experience. Here people who are senior in terms of experience give very important and essential information vital for working or performing a task. And not only that, often doubts and related queries are not asked in fear or maybe lack of confidence; and if these questions remained unanswered people may not do the task correctly and in this way there will be an error and loss of productivity. Mentorship solves these problems effectively and in a very innovative way builds a proper perspective and experience and helps one to hone the skills. Mentorship gives a support to the amateurs and by solving their doubts gives them a complete idea about the job they need to perform that will result in the increase in productivity. Thus mentorship is very vital for curious minds.


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