Journey of the unsuccessful entrepreneurs.

By Author: Miss. Tulip Dutta (MENTit Mentor)

Entrepreneurs are people who for the hope of profits undertake new ventures and endeavours and set up new business firms. Entrepreneurs are those who launch start-ups to bring a wide scale change in the system. But often due to lack of funds or other factors these start-ups fail to take off thereby leading to the failure of the entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur may also be unsuccessful because he doesn’t know exactly the business strategies or plans for setting up an organisation or maybe because he  didn’t get proper mentorship for which he couldn’t perform or plan up well.  There are a lot of factors that render the entrepreneurs to not be successful and often the fault lies within them maybe due to their inexperience or inability.

However if these unsuccessful entrepreneurs are called upon to share their journey with the new comers, that will be a lot beneficial to the freshers. This is so because one man’s failure is another man’s lesson. When these entrepreneurs will share their experiences and their stories, the newbies will get an idea about the dos and don’ts that they need to keep in mind in order to follow and achieve their goals. These beginners will get a glimpse of the situation and they can try and work hard so that they do not repeat the mistakes that these entrepreneurs made. They can learn from their mistakes and understand the factors that led to the failure and thereby avoid such a situation. Thus it will really be helpful for the new comers if unsuccessful entrepreneurs share their journey with them.


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