Know Yourself and Improve Further using GRAPHO-ANALYSIS/GRAPHO-THERAPY

By Author: MENTit (MENTit Developer)
Affiliation: MENTit Mentor

Know the character traits of anyone by the proven science of handwriting analysis!


By analyzing the handwriting of a person, we can detect the positive & negative character traits as follows:




Keenness to learn


Friendliness, loyalty


Emotional chart


Frankness or secretiveness


Determination, enthusiasm




Short-tempered or cool, egoistic




Organizing ability, engineering ability, creativity & imagination power


Initiative level


Ambitions, will-power


Dishonesty, greed


Concentration power, precision






Many other individual traits


Combination of such traits will help to visualize the character of a person, which would otherwise be very difficult to judge in short meetings or interviews.


Very useful for:


Corporates/Placement Consultants






Investigation agencies


Simply self-improvement


Changes in the character can be achieved in due course by changing few strokes in the handwriting, popularly known as GRAPHO-THERAPY. This is the most amazing aspect of this science!


What is required is a scanned copy of a full page of handwriting followed by a signature. I shall provide a detailed analysis of the character traits, along with suggestions.


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