Mentoring and its Benefits

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Mentoring can be defined as a two-way traffic where you grow as you guide others to learn, improve, grow and evolve into someone more capable than before. However, to mentor does not simply mean to direct someone, but, as the great leader, Benjamin Disraeli once said and believed, “The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.” You channelise the mentee’s own strengths and abilities to overcome his/her hindrances, be it in the professional or personal space, or an emotional or psychological blockage.  

Mentoring involves two persons, where one is the mentor and the other is the mentee. As the mentee addresses his or her problem, it is understood and analysed by you. You, being a mentor,  get a deep understanding of the mentee as a human being, his or her behaviour, nature, dis/comfort level, likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, and similar other characteristics. Based on these characteristics, you help and guide the mentee to realise, confront and overpower his or her fears, problems and any other hindrance in life. 

Benefits for Mentee  

· Clarity in decision making

· Performance improvement on the professional front

· Personal growth

· Personality development

The mentee’s progress is tracked in order to ensure the method used by you is suitable for the mentee. If not, then the mentor will suggest other methods to tackle the case. This helps in achieving better results. Through proper mentoring, the mentee’s performance improves, both professionally as well as personally. And such mentoring leaves a life-long impact on his or her characteristics.

It is said that, when you teach someone, your own knowledge in the process also expands in the process. Similarly here, you, as a mentor, gain in your experience as you come across so many different people, where every person is a new case. All the people, being different and unique from each other, each person becomes a new challenge, a new book to be read, decoded and analysed by the mentor. As a mentor, you also learn various types of problems in peoples’ lives and the new ways to deal with them.

Benefits for Mentor

· Gain experience

· Widen the scope of challenges

· Become a professional

Mentorship is a manual for life and a mentor is a coach who inspires and motivates you to do the right things in life.  


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