Mentoring as a profession

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Mentoring means to consult, coach and guide someone until he or she achieves the desired goal. However, to be a Mentor is not as easy and simple as it seems. It involves a lot of patience, understanding, hard work, research and practice. You might be a Professional Mentor, but that does not mean you’re perfect to tackle all kinds of human nature, situations and problems. Yet it is never too late to learn. A good professional mentor is the one who never quits learning. With each new case, you must learn and expand your area of mentoring. This way you will get the opportunity to help mentees with a diversity of issues. 

Mentoring as a profession, along with financial benefits, comes with certain challenges and incentives. Such as:

1. Mentoring enhances your own professional and personal capabilities and boosts your confidence. It gives you a feeling of accomplishment and self-satisfaction.

2. It builds your leadership qualities. With every new achievement, you move forward to becoming a better leader and a better mentor.

3. It improves your communication skills. Your every mentee will be a new challenge for you. Some may be shy about their issues, some may be open etc., depending on the background he or she comes from. As you will have to communicate with each mentee in a different way, it will lead to improving your communication skills.

4. You learn new ways of tackling problems as each mentee comes with a unique set of issues, behaviour and background. It expands your scope of handling people and mentoring areas.

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