Mentorship and it's impact

By Author: Miss. Tulip Dutta (MENTit Mentor)

Mentorship is a guidance or training of a novice by someone who is experienced. A mentor is usually someone who has a lot of expertise and excellence in his area of specialisation and he guides and teaches the beginners on how to go about with their tasks and assignments. Mentors can be found in schools, colleges, universities and also in the job arena. Mentorship is very important as it can bring a dramatic positive change in both the personal and the professional life.

To see in the personal point of view, a mentor can create a lot of impact on the newcomer. Freshers often have little to no idea about their job or work. Though they may have skills but often that required confidence and moral support is lacking which is the vital ingredient necessary for performance. If someone gets an approachable and friendly mentor, this will not only boost up the newbie’s self-confidence but will give him a huge emotional aid. He can get a psychological push, a motivation and an encouragement to work hard and become a much organised person with improved communication skills and a better and positive outlook towards his life and job.

Professionally as well, a mentor can do wonders. A mentor can guide and show the newcomer on how to do a task which will lead to increased productivity and a good yield of output. The career goals of the novice can be shaped and this will further motivate the mentee to work hard and contribute more. He will not only feel engaged to his organization but his goals will be aligned and he can develop much professionally. Mentorship helps a person improve and hone his skills and also work with a zeal that will be beneficial for both the mentee and his employer. Thus mentorship really brings a positive reform to a person both professionally and personally.


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