P2P Exploration

By Author: Miss. Tulip Dutta (MENTit Mentor)

Peer to Peer Mentorship, also called P2P Mentorship requires the involvement of an experienced mentor and a novice mentee. This form of mentorship is immensely helpful and useful in not only educational institutions but also in work and the job arena. Someone who has faced a particular situation has a lot of experience and first-hand knowledge about it. Thus he/she will be able to guide the amateur or the beginner who is new to the field in a better way. He will be able to relate his experiences and the difficulties he faced that will be helpful for the new people to learn and also beware of the challenges and the threats. This will indeed be a great experience for the newbies and thus they will be able to gather more knowledge. Someone’s experience is always the lesson to someone else and a two way learning and sharing process will be generated here.

A P2P Mentorship is helpful for both the mentee and the mentor. The mentee feels comfortable to be guided and mentored by someone from his field and from someone who can understand his situation. The mentor will also not only gain a sense of responsibility but will also have a better perspective in handling situations and a better way to deliberate matters and provide advice. So it would be indeed commendable if proper exploration of P2P Mentorship is undertaken as it will be a beneficial process for both and will lead to better output and generation of new, creative and innovative ideas.


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